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Volume 43, Number 24, June 10, 2016

Cover of EIR Volume 43, Number 24, June 10, 2016

Russia, India, and China Assume World Leadership

Editorial: What Is Science?  

I. Puppet Obama

Petition: The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It’s Time to Leave NATO Now!  

Germany’s New AfD Party: Old Wine In New Bottles?  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Part 3.

What Obama Really Said at Hiroshima  

by Rachel Brinkley

British Empire Behind Coup in Brazil  

by Cynthia R. Rush

II. The Future Is Now

Kra Canal: ‘One of the Greatest Achievements of Modern History’  

by Michael Billington

LaRouche Dialogue with Manhattan: What Makes Mankind Important?  

Iran at the Crossroads of the Eurasian Land-Bridge  

From an interview with Iran’s Ambassador in Copenhagen.

Editorial: Toward a New Galactic Man: Krafft Ehricke’s Polyglobal World Now Being Realized  

by Kesha Rogers

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