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Volume 43, Number 37, September 9, 2016

Cover of EIR Volume 43, Number 37, September 9, 2016

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Editorial: China’s Intention Succeeds at the G20  

I. On the Space Frontier

Krafft Ehricke’s Extraterrestrial Imperative and the Far Side of the Moon  

by Megan Beets

China Is Leading Mankind in Space  

by Marsha Freeman and William Jones

II. Southeast Asia & Ibero-America

Philippines Prepares To Go Nuclear as Part of New World Paradigm  

by Michael Billington

Butch Valdes to IAEA Meeting: Why the Philippines Will Go Nuclear  

Financial ‘Rapists’ Win a Battle, Not the War, with Coup Against Brazil’s President  

by Gretchen Small

Rousseff’s Counterattack: ‘Do Not Expect from Me the Obsequious Silence of Cowards’  

III. Congress Reconvenes

Pass Glass-Steagall This Month!  

by David Christie

The Saudis and 9/11: Justice Lies in the Creation of a Better Future  

by Robert Ingraham and Jeffrey Steinberg

Editorial: This Week in Universal History  


In last week’s issue, in the article titled “Historic Vistas Open at Vladivostok and Hangzhou,” the head of Roscosmos should have been identified as Igor Komarov.

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