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Volume 44, Number 17, April 28, 2017

Cover of EIR Volume 44, Number 17, April 28, 2017

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I. Britain Goes for War

Russia Warns UN Against Britain  

by Vladimir K. Safronkov

Why Is Korea Not Reunified Already?  

by Michael Billington

II. A Dialogue of Civilizations

The Belt and Road Initiative, the World Land-Bridge, and Corresponding Ideas in Western and Chinese Culture  

An overview of the April 13-14 conference held jointly by the Schiller Institute, The China Energy Fund Committee, and the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture.

Dialogue of Cultures: The Content of Strategy Is the Method Used To Make It  

by Dennis Speed

Why You Can’t See the British Empire at Work? Because You Are Looking Right at It!  

East and West: A Dialogue of Great Cultures  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Coming Polyphony of East and West  

by Dr. Patrick Ho

Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Dialogue with Dr. Patrick Ho  

Confucius and Benjamin Franklin  

by Dr. Dave Wang

Renaissance and the Struggle of Ideas  

by Michael Billington

On the Subject of B.G. Tilak’s Thesis: The Present Scientific Implications of Vedic Calendars from the Standpoint of Kepler and Circles of Gauss  

by Lyndon H, LaRouche, Jr.


In the Stars, the Long Awaited Age of Reason  

by Kesha Rogers

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