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Larry Johnson Exposes Fraud of DNI Report on Russian Hacking

Jan. 7, 2017 (EIRNS)—Larry Johnson, a former CIA and State Department analyst, and a member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), issued a scathing expose of the fraudulent report issued by the inveterate liar, DNI chief James Clapper, published in RT today. Johnson wrote:

"I don’t think they’re hiding anything because they don’t have anything. These are intelligence estimates, as opposed to an intelligence analysis based on fact. There’s no fact underlying this. There are analytical assumptions,"

Johnson said.

"You can tell that because whenever they use the language like ‘we assess that’ or ‘we believe that’ or ‘its likely that.’ That means they don’t know, because if you knew, you could say in public ‘according to multiple sources we know that....’

"This thing, it’s a joke. If I’m a Russian intelligence analyst, with one of your intelligence services, I would be suspicious and think, ‘What are the Americans up to? They really can’t be this stupid.’ And let me just reassure the folks on your side of the ledger—yeah, they actually are."

Johnson noted that even in the report itself,

"It was only CIA and FBI that strongly agree, but the NSA, who’s the only one in that group that would actually have the physical evidence of the hacking, if that existed, took a middle of the road position."

The NSA said it had only "moderate" confidence in the asserted so-called facts.