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U.S. Military Vows To Step Up Exercises in Europe, To Include Missile Defense

Jan. 9, 2017 (EIRNS)—President Obama is continuing his war buildup right up into his last days in office, jacking up tensions with Russia that could otherwise be avoided. Exemplary of this is the arrival into Europe, over the past few days, of the tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, artillery, and other equipment of the 3rd Armored Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division in Bremerhaven, Germany. This is being treated by the news media and officials involved as if it were necessary to stave off an imminent Russian invasion of Poland and the Baltic states, an impression fostered by, among others, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Tim Ray, deputy commander of U.S. European Command.

"Let me be clear: This is one part of our efforts to deter Russian aggression, ensure the territorial integrity of our allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous, and at peace,"

Ray said in prepared remarks in Bremerhaven yesterday, reports Reuters.

Ray made clear that the 4,000 troops of the 3rd Brigade, along with thousands of other U.S. troops either in Europe or also slated to arrive, will be participating in a more aggressive schedule of exercising over the next several months.

"We will also increase the scope and complexity of many exercises in our portfolio focusing on joint interoperability, missile defense and crisis response operations,"

Ray said.