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Another North Korean Opening to Trump on Disarmament

Jan. 11, 2017 (EIRNS)—North Korea’s Ambassador to Russia said that U.S. pressure was the only reason for North Korea to have nuclear weapons, Sputnik reported today.

Ambassador Kim Hyun Joong told Ria Novosti today,

"Pyongyang expects the next U.S. Presidential administration to abandon Washington’s aggressive policy toward North Korea. It is not important for us who is the president of the United States. The most important thing is whether the new administration continues its hostile policy toward North Korea, which is anachronistic, or abandons it. The U.S. is the main reason for us to have nuclear armament; we develop our missile technologies because of the threat from Washington."

The ambassador continued, "Military pressure and economic sanctions turned North Korea into a military power that could strike the U.S."

Ambassador Joon emphasized that U.S. President Obama refused to negotiate with North Korea, and only kept strengthening the pressure and sanctions against the country, Sputnik reports.

"It only made our country strengthen its nuclear and military power. We could say that Obama’s [external] policy has failed, and now he is leaving. The new administration will follow in his footsteps if they continue to pursue the same policy."