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Russian Embassy in London: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Ex’ MI6

Jan. 13, 2017 (EIRNS)—In a series of tweets, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London has charged that the British intelligence service MI6 is involved, not only in putting together the dodgy dossier on Donald Trump, but in ongoing operations against both him and the Russian government.

In a tweet issued yesterday, the embassy asserted, "MI6 are never ‘ex.’ Briefing both ways, against Russia and the U.S. President." In response to a request for comment on the dossier by the Daily Mail tabloid, the embassy replied:

"We have obvious questions. We don’t raise them with HM Government, given the frozen state of our official relationship. The tweet reflects the mood in Rusia and speaks for itself."

The embassy has pulled no punches in identifying what is behind the wild charges against Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this week, it posted an article to its website directly accusing "HMG" (Her Majesty’s Government) of preparing to launch an Obama-like official witch hunt against Russia, as well as planning to brief the incoming Trump administration against Russia.

"It seems that the Western elites will go to great lengths to save their own world with its Washington Consensus, Davos and austerity, even if it does no longer benefit anybody else,"

the article asserted.

In additional tweets today, the embassy wrote, "MI6 colluding with neocons to rescue status quo and impose Western elites agenda through back door," and went on to chastise the Financial Times for scaremongering about "U.S. submission to the Kremlin."

From Moscow, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that the Kremlin considers the case of the Trump dossier to be closed.

"We already said everything we could about this report. We said that it can hardly be called a report. Our discussions of this fake news are finished...we do not [usually] discuss fake news this long... It’s not right to pay so much attention to this, as is being done in the U.S. Everyone there has been too emotional lately."