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China’s Global Times Responds Positively to Trump’s Speech

Jan. 21, 2017 (EIRNS)—The Global Times, an official Communist Party of China paper which often carries more critical reports on Donald Trump, responded rather favorably to the inauguration speech. They feature that he "blasted at past policies as failures, while describing the scourge of drugs, crime, poverty and unemployment as ‘the American carnage.’"

They appreciate his focus on the power of "the people," and that

"Mr. Trump expressed his belief that all nations have the right to put their own national interest first ..., rather than imposing the American way of life."

And, they noted, he "did not take another swipe at China, nor did he mention Russia or any other nation in his inauguration speech."

Expressing the proper caution, they say that "His cabinet of billionaires really needs to reach out to ordinary people to better understand their needs," noting that he will likely align his foreign policy with U.S. corporate interests, blurring the lines of ideology or political values. They also say, hopefully, that "Taiwan will be merely a bargaining chip for them to put trade pressure on China."

They conclude:

"Undoubtedly, the Trump administration will be igniting many ‘fires’ on its front door and around the world. Let’s wait and see when it will be China’s turn."