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British PM Comes to Washington To Save the British Empire from Trump

Jan. 23, 2017 (EIRNS)—Even before her meeting with President Trump this Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will attend the Congressional Republicans retreat in Philadelphia. She made clear in interviews with the Financial Times last Friday and BBC on Sunday that her agenda is to crush President Trump’s questioning of an "obsolete" NATO and his rejection of the policies of regime change, confrontation with Russia, and endless wars.

Because of the U.S.-British "special relationship," I can tell the U.S. President when something is "unacceptable," she huffed. As she told BBC:

"It is the special relationship that allows us to say when something is unacceptable. Whenever there is something I find unacceptable, I won’t be afraid to say that to Donald Trump."

BBC reported her statement to them that she will emphasize the "importance of Nato and defeating terrorism," failing to note that Trump’s objection to NATO is precisely that it does not fight terrorism, but only confronts Russia. May added that a Downing Street spokesman had announced on Sunday that she had also spoken with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to discuss

"the continued importance of the alliance as the bulwark of our defense. The Prime Minister said she would be taking these messages to Washington later this week, the spokesman added."