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Two More Resolutions for Glass-Steagall Introduced in State Legislatures

Jan. 27, 2017 (EIRNS)—A resolution calling on Congress and the President to reinstate Glass-Steagall was introduced Jan 26 in the Delaware General Assembly. It is House Concurrent Resolution 8.This resolution is one of three introduced so far this year in state legislatures this year, the others being in Washington State and Virginia (Jt. resolution 642),

Going beyond Glass-Steagall are a number of resolutions being introduced calling for a four point program for a American Economic Recovery program, the first point of which is Glass-Steagall banking separation. Such memorials have so far been introduced in the senate of New Mexico (Senate Memorial 25), the South Carolina General Assembly (H 3344), and the Washington State Senate bill introducing LaRouche's four laws on Jan. 24. They are broadly modelled on a similar resolution passed by the Illinois state legislature in June of 2016.