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Italian Earthquake Victims: Save Us, Not the Banks!

Jan. 27, 2017 (EIRNS)—Italy’s earthquake victims, led by town mayors, demonstrated Jan. 25 in front of the Parliament in Rome, protesting against delays in reconstruction. The widespread slogan was: "The government finds EU20 billions for the banks but not the money for us!" Not only is emergency housing not coming on schedule, but very little has been done to protect cattle which are now dying under the cold wave.

Many in Italy confront the current failures with the approach adopted in L’Aquila 2009, where 5,600 anti-seismic flats were built in 100 days and families were able to use the flats before winter could strike. This was done through a military-style mobilization under a centralized Civil Protection Department (CDD) with emergency powers.

The difference between now and then Is called Mario Monti. Monti, the EU butcher, cut the budget to the CDD and deprived it of powers in 2011-12. Now, the CDD head no longer has sufficient emergency powers to bypass bureaucracy and get done what’s necessary in a short time. Additionally, Matteo Renzi had appointed a political commissioner for reconstruction before the emergency was over, creating a second decision center.

Many in Italy regret the ousting of Mario Bertolaso, the legendary head of the CDD and the "hero of L’Aquila," who was first targeted by judiciary attacks and eventually framed up politically in last years mayoral campaign in Rome.