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First Step in LaRouche Exoneration?

Jan. 29, 2017 (EIRNS)—An excellent article, entitled "Time To Bring Lyndon LaRouche Out of Exile," by New York attorney Rahul D. Manchanda has been published by the prestigious journal, Modern Diplomacy on Jan. 28.

The author also posted it on Jan. 27 to Veterans News Now.

It begins,

"Novel thinkers and those with original ideas, coupled with gifts of clairvoyance, are always initially challenged and ostracized by the masses, who are then used by corrupt political leadership to justify horrific actions of exclusion, persecution, and damnation of their enemies. For more than 50 years Lyndon LaRouche has been writing, lecturing, teaching, and warning Americans and the rest of the people of the world, about the exact same issues pertaining to economics, global governance and the agenda of the Oligarch/Plutocrat/Deep State lunatic fringe who Donald Trump and the majority of America (and the world) are fighting against."

The article proceeds to detail the illegal operations against LaRouche calling them a "slow motion assassination" which LaRouche survived.

"His enemies and betrayers were allegedly people like George H.W. Bush and the rest of the New World Order globalist/skull and bones secret societies which were beholden to the City of London within the United Kingdom and its crown, rather than the United States of America and its People. To that end, Lyndon LaRouche’s enemies have now been revealed over the past few years especially, to be enemies of the American people.... Oscar Wilde wrote that, ‘You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies’—well, if that is the case then Lyndon LaRouche may be the second coming of Christ."

In outlining LaRouche’s views Manchanda specifically lauds LaRouche for "uncovering the allegiance " of our corrupt political leadership, to "the City of London in the United Kingdom and the British crown, rather than the interests of the American people" and emphasizes the British link as the central force in U.S. government corruption. He also reports favorably on LaRouche’s balanced approach to international relations, support of the BRICS, opposition to the neo-cons and environmentalism, his war on drugs, the economic substance of LaRouche’s Four Laws, and support for a return to a Bretton Woods internationally. He places LaRouche, philosophically in line with the Platonists "which includes Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, Leonardo, and Leibniz," while favorably citing LaRouche’s support for classical music, industry, and technology. Answering the perfidious lie that LaRouche is anti-Semitic, he quotes LaRouche directly saying that religious and racial hatred, such as anti-Semitism, "is the most evil expression of criminality to be seen on the planet today."

The author ends his piece as follows: "Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, perhaps Lyndon LaRouche will be allowed to emerge from forced exile, as his enemies have now been outed and routed, and he should take his rightful place among America’s greatest heroes, thinkers, philosophers, writers, lovers of humanity and the United States of America."