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Obama War Machine Rolls On in Europe, Targeting Russia

Jan. 31, 2017 (EIRNS)—The U.S. military will continue to roll on under the last set of orders it received under President Obama, until it receives a new set of orders from President Trump. This is especially true in Europe, where the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division is now in Poland, engaging in live fire exercises in a combat range in Zagan, Poland, and "sending messages" to an allegedly aggressive Russia. The Polish leadership was quite delighted, yesterday, for the opening of these exercises.

U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges promised that this sort of U.S. military presence in eastern Europe will continue.

"I don’t see, and I have not heard, anything that would lead me to think that this could be curtailed," Hodges said.

"Our president has spoken with Prime Minister [Theresa May, Chancellor [Angela] Merkel and President [Francois] Hollande, and what I have heard is the affirmation of the importance of NATO and the United States’ commitment to NATO,"

Hodges said of Trump’s phone calls and May’s trip to Washington. Note that Hodges only assumes that Trump will continue the military deployments on Russia’s borders.

After Poland, the U.S. brigade, with its M1A1 tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and heavy artillery, will move on to the Baltic states, even closer to the Russian border.

And it’s not just in northeast Europe where NATO is making its big stand. Standing Maritime Group 2, which consist of 8 vessels from 8 NATO member states, is heading into the Black Sea for Exercise Sea Shield off the Romanian coast.

"This is a demonstration of the alliance’s resolve to defend all allies against any threat, and to enhance maritime security in the region," a NATO official told CNN.