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Putin Explains the Kiev Regime’s Escalation In the Donbass

Feb. 2, 2017 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Budapest, Hungary for meetings with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, explained the reasons behind the escalation of violence in southeast Ukraine, reports Sputnik.

"The first reason is that the Ukrainian leadership needs money. And it is better to ask the EU, European states, the U.S. and international institutes for money while presenting itself as a victim of aggression,"

Putin explained. Secondly, during the election campaign in the United States, the Kiev regime supported a "certain female candidate," but now,

"they need to mend ties with the current U.S. administration amid a conflict. It’s always easier to drag the current [U.S.] administration into solving Ukrainian problems and establish a dialogue this way."

The third reason for the escalation is an internal one.

"Amid [Kiev’s] obvious failures in its social and economic policies, the [Ukrainian] opposition intensified its activity. They want to hush it up by mobilizing the population around the leadership. It’s easier to achieve this goal amid the resuming of a conflict,"

Putin said.