Executive Intelligence Review

Winning the Ecumenical Battle for the Common Good

Conference of the Schiller Institute
Bad Schwalbach, Germany, May 4-6, 2001


A Twenty-Five Year Development
Perspective for Eurasia:
Russia, China, and India

The Current Financial System Is Finished
Lothar Komp
EIR Nachrichten-Agentur, Wiesbaden, Germany

Russia Faces Necessity To Define Its Mission
Prof. Yuri Gromyko
representing the Moscow Academy of Culture and Educational Development

China's Experience in Building Its Economy
Dr. Wen Tiejun
Executive Secretary General of the China Society for Restructuring the Economic System, of Beijing

India and the Eurasian Development Perspective
Prof. Sujit Dutta
Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis in New Delhi, India

Egypt and the Project of the 21st Century
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayed Selim
Director of the Center for Asian Studies in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo University, Egypt

Central Asia's Role in the Land-Bridge
By Ramtanu Maitra
former New Delhi EIR bureau chief