Executive Intelligence Review


EIR Berlin Economic Seminar, June 28-29, 2005

Berlin Conference Dias
Lyndon LaRouche (l) and Hon. Mario Lettieri,
delegate of the Italian Parliament , whose
resolution for LaRouche's New Bretton Woods
monetary policy, was passed by the House of Deputies.

Conference Report:
Berlin Dialogue for a New World Order

First Panel

Lyndon LaRouche Keynote:
America's Indispensable Role in Securing the Future of Civilization

Conference Dialogue:
How Do You Determine a Currency's Value?

Hon. Mario Lettieri, Italy:
Parliaments Should Act on These Issues

Second Panel

Dr. Sergei Glazyev, Russia:
We Need a New World Financial Architecture

Dr. Ding Dou, China
Political Economy of Renminbi Revaluation

Maj. Gen. Afsir Karim, India
An Indian Perspective on Central Asia

Lyndon LaRouche, Discussion:
Money Is a Question of Physical Economy

Helga Zepp-LaRouche:
Germany Needs a Vision for Eurasian Development

Jacques Cheminade, France
Give Europe a Vital Mission for the Future

Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, United States
The New Imperial Policy: Some Historical Light

Jeffrey Steinberg, United States
Lyndon LaRouche's Role in Mobilizing the United States

Third Panel

Dr. Mohammad Selim, Egypt
Rising Above Regional Turmoil:
Gulf States and the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Lyndon LaRouche, Comment
The Danger of a U.S. Strike Against Iran

Dr. Song Hong, China
China's Role in the World Economy

Lyndon LaRouche, Remarks
Economic Foundations of a Peace of Westphalia