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Volume 1, Number 1, April 27, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 1, April 27, 1974

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Great Britain/Northern Ireland: General Urges Army to Take Control: “This is War”

Great Britain/Northern Ireland: Military Expands Presence in Response to Increased Terrorist Activities

Great Britain/Northern Ireland: Background on Terrorist Buildup in Northern Ireland

France: The French Presidential Election: What is François Mitterrand?

Germany: Brandt’s Right Turn Leaves Working Class Prey to Rockefeller

Middle East: Israeli Government Gasping Its Last; Sinister Generals’ Group Confers

Middle East: Sadat/Rockefeller “Arab Unity” Grows Shaky

India: Rockefeller/McNamara Attempt to Sabotage Indian Government; CPI Reacts to Support Gandhi

Latin America: Factional Situation Brewing in Cuba

United Nations Raw Materials Conference: Rockefeller Banking Interests Adopt Anti-Imperialism To Ensure Third World Loan Repayments

China: China Joins Rockefeller Forces To Push For Raw Materials Hoax


Research Report: Imminent Insurrection Attempt By CIA/Rockefeller Forces in Canada

Draft Resolution to the United Nations Raw Material Conference: Preamble Circulated by the National Caucus of Labor Committees

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