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Volume 1, Number 3, May 17, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 3, May 17, 1974

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Transcript Release Stalls Impeachment; “You Can’t Impeach Someone For Being a Buffoon...”


LEAA Consolidates Public Safety Commands in Atlanta and California

Great Britain

Countergang Activated in Dublin; 23 Die in Bombings

British Army Escalates IRA Terror: Army Maneuvers Prepare for Emergency

Powell Prepares for “Final Solution”; British Public Waiting


AEC Report Confirms Labor Committee Claim That Fusion Power Is Possible By 1980

Research Report

Defense Secretary Schlesinger Plans Disasters, “Crisis Relocation” in Eight Cities

Psychological Warfare

CIA Creates Nuclear Terror Hoax To Cover Military Takeovers

Chicago Gas Leak: Dress Rehearsal for Military Coup

Army Rainmakers Behind Canadian Floods

Economic Report

Credit Collapse Is On!

IPS Interview

A Chase Economist Views EEC Politics: “It Really Doesn’t Look Very Nice for Southern Europe”

IPS Intelligence Report

Yugoslavia Targeted: Case Study in Psychological Warfare Through the Press

IPS International Briefs

What Is Wrong With India? Mercy Won’t Last Long

CIA Planned Portugal Coup

FRELIMO: Spinola and Caetano Twins

Butz Folds Up Asian Food Aid

Instead of Expanded Food Production ... Meatless Days

Japanese Economic Statistics Show Downturn

New Lower House Elections in Japan

Chinese To Increase Trade With Rockefeller/CIA Generals

Fidel Lauds a Fellow Pragmatist

Canadian Forced Labor

Detroit Residents To Collect Trash in the Name of Pride

Belgian View of the French Elections

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