Volume 1, Number 4, May 24, 1974


“New Deal”

Mansfield Emerges As Spokesman for Rockefeller’s “New Deal”

New Deal Public Works 1974: The Rockies’ Road to Ruin

Economic Report

Operation Goldfinger: Rockefeller Launches Attempt To Filch Europe’s Gold


Boston Councilman O’Neill Plans Arrest of LEAA Officials Who Refuse To Testify

The Press

IPS Investigation of CIA-Linked Associated Press

Press Advertises Electroshock Therapy

Dow Workers Receive Psywar Bonuses


Government of National Unity Proposed to Manage Italian Austerity

Zero Growth NATO-Style

Amnesty for Criminal Cabinet; Austerity for Italian Public


Tavistock Terror Plays in Sweden


Shin Beth Stages Bloodbath to Sabotage Negotiations

Southern Africa

Rockefeller Uses Anti-Racism in Southern Africa to Install Progressive Fascist Regimes


Echeverria Guides Mexico to Fascism to Pay Debts to Rockefeller


The Bomb Immobilizes the Communist Party

West Germany

European Labor Committee Campaigns in West Germany: “Nonetheless, Vote SPD”


British Self-Policing

British Wages Too High For Ford; He Prefers Brazil

Powell Moves Toward Power; British Press Rooting For Him

Intelligence/Research Reports

How Rockefeller Took Over New York’s Electric Power Industry; Plans for Programmed Black-Outs This Summer

The Chilean Coup: Case Study in CIA Subversion

IPS International Briefs

China Advances Anti-Soviet Views As Ties With Rockefeller Strengthen

Permanent Purges

Of Nazi Attack on USSR in WWII

Wildcat Creates “New Image” in Garment Center: Neighborhood Gestapo

CP Head Urges Submission to Rockefeller Regime