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Volume 1, Number 5, May 31, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 5, May 31, 1974

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Economic Report

Europe On The Brink; Rockefeller Waiting with Net


Giscard’s Cabinet: Midwife to Fascism

Great Britain

Northern Ireland Succumbs to Rockefeller; CIA’s “UWC” Does Trick


PCI Shudders in Wade of Brescia Bombing

North America

Mondale, Democrats Push Nazi Economics

Labor Committee Conference Prepares for “Long War”

Rockefeller Plans Rocky Mountain Deathcamps from Canada to Southwest

North American Labor Party Announces Candidates in Canada

Relocation Exercises

Newhouse Dispatch Hints at CIA Plot Behind Watergate


Tito Moves to Strengthen Party

West Germany

European Commission of Inquiry Meets

Spook Tactic Against Nollau; West German BND Transferred to Defense Department

SPD: Unwonted Electoral Support

Leading Communist Spokesman Responds to ELC


“Positive Perspectives” from Portugal

Sri Lanka

Labor-Intensive Starvation Economy Slated

International Briefs

Thailand Tense Awaiting Elections

Vorster Takes Cue from Spinola

Uneasy Quiet in India Following Bomb Test

Research Reports

Double Agent Guillaume: IPS Cracks CIA’s Network in Europe

Helmut Schmidt: The Molding of an Anglo-American Chancellor

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