Volume 1, Number 9, June 29, 1974


Political Economy

Rockefeller Plans Controlled Collapse of Eurocurrency Market

International Reports

Probe Rockefeller’s Role in Italian Crisis

NATO Aims Atlanticism at Western Europe

NATO Social Controllers to Confer in Ottawa

U.N. Report

Secretary General Waldheim Confused On Fusion

ELC Confronts U.N. Sponsored Psychologists on Behavior Modification

State of Labor

Rockefeller Escalates Lock-outs and Forced Strikes

North America

Death Camp Resettlement Bill Authored by UAW

CIA “Counter-Spy” Countergang Attacks Labor Committee, Protects SLA

U.S. Labor Party to Sue FBI for Detroit Attack

CIA, FBI Harrassment Increases


British Labour Government Foisting Rockefeller Politics on Working Class

British Military Occupy Heathrow for Second Time in Six Months

British Press Pushes Military “Solution”

West Germany

Tito Pays Official Visit ... to Brandt

South Korea

South Korean Economy Staggering; Military Massing in Wings

Soviet Union

Soviets Attack Heavy Industry Blockages, Ignore United Europe Solution

Research Reports

Speer’s Nazi Construction Policies Aped by Rockefeller Supranational Faction

The Swedish Way: Rockefeller’s Northern Paradise

Swedish Conservative Leader Smells Fascist Rat

IPS Exclusive: Rockefeller-CIA Cabal’s Watergate Impeachment Conspiracy

Watergate Table of Contents

I. Exclusive! Rockefeller and CIA Set Nixon Up for Watergate

II. The Colson Revelations, the Crisis in the Judiciary Committee and the Supreme Court

III. CIA's Raskin Announces Strategy for Civilian-Military Government

IV. Bare CIA Watergate Role

V. Marchetti “Expose” Signals CIA Self-Destruct