Volume 1, Number 11, July 15, 1974


Political Economy

Cash Flows to New York; Workers Feel Squeeze

International Reports

Central European Banks Underwrite Rockefeller’s Controlled Collapse

ICLC United Front Proposal for Europe and Soviet Union: Expand Trade, Agriculture; Declare War on Rockefeller

State of Agriculture

Farm Credit: Rockefeller Tight Money Policy Will Create 1970’s Dust Bowl

Destruction of World Agriculture Fuels Farmer Revolt

Livestock Industry Collapses; Meat to Disappear Soon

U.N. Report

UN Report Whitewashes Multinational Subversion

Fusion Report

Labor Committee Exposes Rockefeller AEC Suppression of Fusion Research

Soviet Union

Pravda Displays Hysterical Blindness on Herstatt Collapse and NATO

North America

NALP Destroys NDP in Canadian Elections

Rockefeller Moves to “Hooverize” Nixon

Rodino, Panicked by Exposure of CIA Watergate Role, Subverting Due Process

Peter Rodino’s Counterinsurgent Career

CIA Press Pushes Resettlement

FBI Leaks Evidence of its Complicity in Hearst Kidnapping

Debt Moratorium Grows: Baltimore Race Riot Threat Squelched

Investors Panic Over Debt Moratorium

The Mideast

Israel Volunteers for Slave Labor, Vicious Austerity

Iraq Prepares for Baghdad-Cairo “Reconciliation”

West Indies

Jamaican Prime Minister Readies Country for Return to Stone Age


Miners Union Sets Brazilianization Trend to Drain British Workers

West Germany

German Social Democracy Coming Apart; Schmidt Cannot Survive

American Sociologist Tours BRD with CIA Line on LC

International Briefs

Swedish Paper Attacks ELC; Organizing Gains

“Progressive” Military to Bring Ethiopia from Middle Ages ... to Slave Labor