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Volume 1, Number 12, July 22, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 12, July 22, 1974

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Political Economy

Kruppwerke - Rockefeller’s New Mideast Pyramid Builder

The Next Sixty to Ninety Days

International Reports

Cyprus Coup Consolidates NATO’s Southern Flank

Italian CP Prepares to Join LaMalfa in “Radical Reform”

Communist Party-Dominated CGIL Makes Waves in European Trade Union Confederation

Japan: Rockefeller Uses Fukuda to Wreck Japanese Government, Economy

Giscard Behind French Bourse Plunge

State of Agriculture

EEC Livestock and Dairy Crisis Mounts

The World Grain Situation

U.N. Report

U.S. Ambassador Scali Calls for “Extraordinary Measures” to Save Capitalism

Fusion Power Report

Fusion Power Possible Within One Year

The Press

New York Times Gloats Over Hopeless Trade Union “Strike Wave”

CIA Press Network Frantic Over Colson Charges

North America

12 Days in May: Canadian Military Gears Up Against Working Class

Washington Report: Press, Social Fascists Fit Nixon for Hoover-style Suit

Municipal Budgets Collapse; Cities Must Choose Debt Moratorium or Slave Labor

LC Campaign Wrecks Mondale Bill; Reuss Bill to Create Fascist Labor Front

“Liberal” Judge Faces Political Dilemma in NCLC Suit Against FBI

Dr. Ackerman Initiates Meeting to Establish Commission

Population Research Project

Population Research Report: How Rockefeller Nurtured and Controlled the ZPG Plan for Depopulation

Capitalism’s Limits to Growth

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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