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Volume 1, Number 13, July 29, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 13, July 29, 1974

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North America

IPS Interview: Javits Pushes Austerity Under NATO Control

The Current Strike Wave and the Mass Strike Process — A Special Report


British Working Class “Chooses” Fascist Policies

British Trade Unions Boost Forced Work


FIAT: Capitalists Push Fascist Version of “Social Salary”


Cyprus Phony War Covers NATO Consolidation

International Briefs

Where Does NATO Gets Its Authoritative Opinions on the USSR?

ELC Campaign for Italian Debt Moratorium Splits PSI

Crack British Troops Sent to Cyprus to Enforce NATO Control

Nelson Rockefeller Indicts Himself in Public

Special Population Feature

Population Research Report II: How Rockefeller Nurtured and Controlled the ZPG Plan for Depopulation

World Population Conference: Governments to Party While Rockefeller Addresses Population Tribune

NCLC Fusion Power Bill Before U.S. Congress

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