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Volume 1, Number 14, August 5, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 14, August 5, 1974

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Article II: Designed for Military Government

Watergate the Watergaters

Changing the Nation: Javits’ Accolade for Rocky

Political Economy

Rockefeller Puts Germany in the Barrel

Praying Until the End

The Press

Collusion of Press in Roeshman Kidnapping

Foreign Press on Watergate

French Press Views CIA Watergate

Who Pays for Slander?

Labor Committee Sues New York Times

State of Agriculture

How Rockefeller is Destroying the Food Supply

Emergency Food Program

U.N Report

Dance of Death: Mr. Carrillo-Flores and the World Population Conference

Accuse UN, CIA of Germ Warfare Studies in India

North America

Unravel CIA Brainwash Network; Murder Plot Exposed

Labor Party Unnerves Governors’ Conference on Austerity

CIA Moves to Turn Black Panthers into Zombie Countergang

West Germany

Strauss to Visit Peking; W. German Maoists Activated

EPA: Psywar Against SPD and Soviets

Krupp and the Shah: A New Marriage

International Briefs

The “New Portugal”: Spinola’s Dignification Program

Plague Stalks the Advanced Sector

Population Research Report III

How Rockefeller Nurtured and Controlled the ZPG Plan for Depopulation

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