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Volume 1, Number 15, August 12, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 15, August 12, 1974

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The CIA Runs the Show

IPS Interview: Osman Olcay on Cyprus

North America

Rockefeller Seizes Government

Nixon on Economy: “Nothing We Can Do”

The “Humanization” of James Rodney Schlesinger

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Roundup

International Report

CIA Terrorist Wave Primes World Population for Fascism

Epidemic Sweeps Brazil

Soviet Union

Brezhnev’s Hitler-Stalin Pact with the Rockefellers


Zoccali Launches Europeanwide Call for Debt Moratorium, United Front

Announce PCI as Left Borderguard for NATO Government

Italian CP Begs Rockefeller Agent Carli to Keep Job at Bank of Italy

Il Tempo Supports “Liberal Coup D’Etat” in Italy

International Briefs

Epidemic Sweeps Brazil

Inmates Support Guards’ Strike in France

Arafat Moving Up As Palestinian Fuehrer

World Sugar Disappears — Embargo in the Works

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