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Volume 1, Number 16, August 19, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 16, August 19, 1974

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Vatican Report

Rockefeller Ditches Vatican Financial Holdings

Political Economy

German Economy on Ropes as Bank Fails

International Report

Rockefeller Reconstructs World Dollar Empire (Part I)

Soviet Union

Nixon’s Fall Panics Soviets

Radio Moscow Puffs CPUSA


Kissinger Scapegoated in Bid for NATO Reorganization


Rockefeller Consolidates Philippines Banks, Paves Way for McNamara


The “Zero Growth” Future of South Asia

North America

CIA Revamps FBI to Play New Law Enforcement Role

ACLU Joins Labor Committee in Legal Action on Roeshman Case

It’s Rocky in Maine

Fascist Legislation Requires Liquidation of Nixon Cabinet

Great Britain

Tavistock General Activates Fascist Countergang

British Pound Goes Under

International Brief

The Shah “Saves” Grumman

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Roundup

Special Population Feature

Population Research Report IV: How Rockefeller Nurtured and Controlled the ZPG Plan for Depopulation

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