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Volume 1, Number 17, August 26, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 17, August 26, 1974

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International Report

Rockefeller Reconstructs the World Dollar Empire, Part II

Political Economy

Rockefeller Dollars Loot Western Europe, Japan; Workers Can Topple Shaky Empire

North America

Rockefeller Freaks Out

Labor Quislings Demand Austerity

Kidnap-Brainwash Victim Roeshman Breaks with Parents

Labor Party Stumps Sawhill at “Project Independence” Hearings

Great Britain

Wedgwood Benn’s Call to British Workers: Police Yourselves

Benn’s Fascist “Nationalization” Gambit

CIA “Controlled Leaks” Fill British Press; Rightwing Groups Mushroom

West Germany

The Guillaume Affair: Who Will Be Next?

West German Unions Raise Wage Demands as Rocky Guts Economy

German Bank Threatens Suit Against IPS


Poniatowski: Insect-Torturing Fat Boy

Poniatowski’s Terror


Carli-Colombo Barter Italian Working Class for Loans

South Korea

CIA Prepares Spinola-Style Coup in South Korea

The Press

All Things to All Men: Rockefeller Wows Foreign Press

Sevareid Support for Orderly (Non-Democratic) Succession

International Briefs

Rockefeller Breaks Another Vatican Bank

Cyprus Ambassador’s Murder Intended to Discredit Kissinger, Detente

Tun Razak, Malaysian "Kissinger


Swedish Way to Fascism II

Special Report

Angela Davis: The Offer the CPUSA Could Not Refuse

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