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Volume 1, Number 18, September 2, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 18, September 2, 1974

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Population Report

ICLC Rallies Anti-Zero Growth Forces at Bucharest Conference

The Club of Rome’s Solution: Cannibalism

International Reports

A Way Out for Italy

LNS: A Kitson Model Countergang

Climatology: Latest Rationalization for Food Shortages

Political Economy

Where the Money is Going

North America

Canada: Layoffs and Lock Outs Mount

Saxbe Proposes National Gestapo

Lincoln Brings Reesian Flying Squads to the South Bronx

Barrett’s Last Stand

Labor Committee Brings Politics to Arab Student Conference

Gallup Polls for Slave Labor Relocation

Poll Reveals: Workers Hate Rocky

UMW Contract Reportedly has “No Strike” Pledge

Rockefeller Resurrects “Clean Gene”

Puerto Rico

LEAA Traps PSP in Latest Terror Creation

International Briefs

Sadat: Make War, Not Bankruptcies

More CIA Terror in Mexico

French Shopkeeper Opponents Potential Fascists

Moscow’s Friend at Chase Manhattan

Chase Pushes Relocation Projects in Norway

Western Europe Fears Economic Collapse

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Roundup

A Brief for Congress

Rockefeller’s Financial Empire

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