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Volume 1, Number 20, September 17, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 20, September 17, 1974

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Political Economy

Bankers Declare Class War


Rockefeller Rigs Second Oil Hoax

Oil Hoax to be followed by Massive Power Cuts, Gas Shortages

North America

Primary Vote Plummets; Labor Party Picks Up The Slack

Labor Party Fusion Power Campaign Detonates Edward Teller

CIA Covers Right Flank with Left Hand

SWP Leader Cannon ‘Stunned’ at 1929 Depression

Abzug Plans to Spur Fake Fight Against Rocky

Washington Report

Congressional Coverup on Rocky Planned

West Germany

ELC Forces Strauss’s Hand; Hypo Bank Sues Neue Solidarität


Melina Mercouri Organizing Greek Women’s Militia for CIA


Palme Becomes a Maoist

New Danish Elections to Propose Starvation The Democratic Way


Terrorist Bombing Sets off New Round of Attacks on Japanese Workers

Latin America

Andean Pact: “Progressive” Peruvian Fascists Embrace Chilean “Reactionaries”

Rockefelfer’s “Final Solution” Takes Hold

Pinochet on the Skids: Rocky Consolidates Latin America

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Round-up

Special Press Report

The CIA Press Pipeline

IPS Counterintelligence Report

Newark: Anatomy of a Race Riot

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