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Volume 1, Number 22, October 7, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 22, October 7, 1974

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Cannibalism Report

CIA Press Spreads Cannibalism Filth

Natural History Museum Publishes Plug for Cannibalism

Agricultural Report

SPD Agents Detonate CAP

Famine in India

Food Panic Hits Canada

Canadian Egg Scandal

Ontario Vegetable Farmers Entrapped

Rocky's Fed Puts Squeeze on Farm Credit Administration

Oil Hoax Inflation

U.S. Net Farm Income Down 17%, Indebtedness Up

Serious Food Shortages Due in U.S.

The Press

Press Kapelle: CIA Press Agents in West Germany

Fusion Report

AEC To Make Nominal Fusion Declassification in Response to NCLC Campaign

North America

UAW Goons Attack Labor Party; Workers Respond Nationally

Rocky Rips Off Detente Mask; Blames Soviet Union for World Food Crisis

Who Governs Canada?

Corporativist Manpower Boards to Run Canadian Slave Labor

Africa Report

Rockefeller Allies Plan “Total Onslaught” on Afrikaner Working Class

Ethiopia: Military Tussles with Labor Movement

Morocco’s King Hassan Uses Sahara Issue to Create Pop Front for CIA

Press Begins to Watergate Kenyatta

United Nations Report

China Hails Arabs’ Oil Weapon

IPS Blows UN Diplomats’ Cool

International Briefs

Rockefeller Organizing for Fascist Trilateral Commission

Spinola Stages “Leftist Victory” in Portugal

CIA Heating Oil Hoax to a Boil; Threats Aimed at Soviets

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