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Volume 1, Number 23, October 10, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 23, October 10, 1974

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Cannibalism Report

Press Cannibals: Radical and Straight

Rockefeller Drives Indians to Cannibalism

Agricultural Report

Ford Blocks Soviet Grain Purchase; Announces End of Detente

Europe: EEC Ministers Arrange CAP Demise

Japan Demands World Food Control

India: Starvation or Slave Labor

Australia: Phony Fuel Shortage Threatens Harvest

Texas Farmers Resort to Food Destruction

National Farmers Union Promotes Self-Starvation

Political Economy

IPS Exclusive Report on Washington IMF Meeting: Working Class Representatives Break Up Fascist Finance Orgy

North America

Working-Class Victory; Toledo Rally Routs UAW Goonery

Frameup Trial Postponed

TASS Correspondents Reject a Scoop

IPS Editorial

Another War in the Middle East?

International Briefs

Japan’s Stock Market Plunges

Rockefellers Experts Laud China’s Backward Farming

CIA Hunger Riots in India

Sheiks Perform for Rocky: Mines in Oil Fields; Gold At Home

SPD Tries to Squash Labor Committee Influence As Organizing Escalates

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