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Volume 1, Number 24, October 14, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 24, October 14, 1974

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Agricultural Report

Grain Embargo to Aid Slave Labor Scheme

Press Watergates Farm Co-Ops

New Southern Rice Bowl in US

The Mideast

Rockefeller Plans “Limited Nuclear War” in Mideast: Pressure Grows for Schlesinger Press Conference

North America

FEA Confirms: Slave Labor “Development” To Be Enforced by Military

Schlesinger Blacks Out Army Moves

Labor Party Campaign to Destroy Fascist NERA Legislation

International Briefs

Natural Gas Cutoff to Italy by Exxon in Libya Threatens Massive Unemployment

Il Mondo Launches Attacks on Working Class

Cannibalism in Honduras

Special Report: The Palestine Liberation Organization: Rockefeller’s Oil Politics


I. What is OPEC?

II. OPEC and Rockefeller

III. The PLO, Fatah, and King Faisal

IV. Who is Yasser Arafat?

V. The Defense of Iraq

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