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Volume 1, Number 25, October 19, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 25, October 19, 1974

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Israeli Spokesman Sees War as Prelude to New Oil Crisis

Labor Committees Stall Middle East War Plan

Friedrichs and Simon Wage Psywar in Moscow

Trilateral Commission Railroads NERA Congressional Hearings, Suppresses Labor Party Testimony

France To Export Industry to Third World

UMW Funds Productivity Study by Brainwasher

Agents in PSP Attempt Harassment of Latin Leftists Close to Labor Committees

PSI Class Traitors Urge Workers to Follow British Example

Rockefeller “Scandals”: Psywar on Congress

Government Replaces AEC, Builds Nuclear Security Threat

National Farmers Organization Directs Food Withholding

Protesting US Farmers Urge Food Destruction and Cutbacks

Rockefeller Foundation Controls World Food Conference

FAO Backs Food Control

Attacks on Butz, Milk Co-Ops Continue

Freeman Promotes Plan to Pay African Debt

Nazi Scientist Calls for “A New Mode of Life”—Genocide

Deflation Claims First Casualties in World Finance

Ford Fights Inflation

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