Volume 1, Number 26, October 23, 1974


New Round of Attacks Launched; Labor Committee Organizers on Upsurge

Brainwashing Network Expanded To Control Political Workers

Cannibalism Advocate Peccei Wins Vanoni Prize

Strategic Bomber Fuels Northwest Energy Crisis

United Front Organizing Advances In Europe

Unity for Socialism Faction Initiated Within the SPD

Secret Trilaterial Meeting in Bonn

Bankers Predict Mass Foreclosures

NFO Echoes Foreclosure Prediction

Cargill Calls for Food Rationing, Then Retracts Statement

NFO Food Destruction, CIA-Style

Farmers Delay NFO Plans for Food Withholding

Canada Halts All Grain Shipments, Opens Way to Food Control

Chancellor Schmidt Defends Himself at Darmstadt

British Press: “Corporatism Is Fascism With a Human Face”

Starving Indians To Be Worked to Death

US Mounts Attack on Aliens; Chavez Luftwaffe Patrols Border

LEAA Moves Boston Riot Expertise to Charlotte

Crime Probes Cover for Union-Busting, and Tight Border Control

New Angola Axis Arranged by CIA

Rockefeller Pushes Layoffs as Prelude to Total Shutdown in November

Press Campaign Against Iraq Prepares Way for Iranian-CIA Attack

Bruno Kreisky and Georg Leber Discuss “Security Questions”

IPS Exclusive Interview: Manpower Expert Ginzberg Discusses His Nazi Model

Zoccali United Front Tour Launched in Sweden

Rockefeller Agents Predict Mideast Nuclear War

Federal Allocation Program for Natural Gas Forces Layoffs

Canadian Admits Coal Strike To Be Used for Selected Electricity Cutbacks

Press Blacks Out Trilateral Bellagio Meeting; Corriere Della Sera Prints Story on Meeting’s “Secrecy”