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Volume 1, Number 27, October 27, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 27, October 27, 1974

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October 27

Special Report: PCI’s Amendola Surfaces as CIA Agent

CIA Press Opens Blitz for “Swedish Way” Here

Special Report: Rockefeller’s Control of the Miners’ Strike

IPS Interview: Jay Rockefeller and the UMW

Governor Shapp Railroading Labor Party Off Pennsylvania Ballot

October 26

Mexican Government, PSP Collaborating Against Mexican Labor Committee

Energy Coordinating Group Discusses Mideast War in Secret

Vee Knew About Der Schah, But Dis Is Ridiculous

Business Magazine Promotes Auschwitz Project as Pioneering

Canadian Militia “Revitalized” for Counterinsurgency

LEAA Bombs Terrorize New York City

Morgenthau Admits Soviet Union Is Target of US Mideast Policy

October 25

Layoffs? “So What?” Says UMW Official

AP, UPI Undercut Kissinger

Bundesbank Interest Cut: “Psychological Move” According to Bankers

October 23-24

Rockefeller Drive on European Banks Nears Climax

British Industry Turns to Shah To Bail Out Collapsing Firms

Persian Gulf Militarized in New CIA Attacks on Iraq

Iraq Moves Against Rocky’s Arab Stooges

Palme Takes “Swedish Way” Fascism On Tour

Sauvagnargues Supports Arab League, Praises Arafat

Agricultural Report

USDA Task Force Report Pins Blame for High Meat Prices on Workers

New York Times Escalates Attack on Butz

EEC Export Cuts Threaten European Farmers, Soviets

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