Volume 1, Number 28, October 30, 1974


October 30

Middle East IPS Brief: CIA Think-Tank Plans Economy of “Anti-Imperialist” Algeria

Middle East IPS Brief: Mideast War in Making: Rockefeller Forces Heighten Nationalist Fevers

Butz Backs Increased Production

The Shah Plans To Bring France’s Nuclear Capacity Under Rockefeller Control

Le Monde Boosts Trilateral Commission’s Psywar Against Soviets

The Shadow

West Germans Pursue Detente Psywar In Soviet Union

October 29

U.S. Labor Party Moves To Counter Murder Threats by United Auto Workers Officials

Italian CP Chief Amendola Backs Rockefeller’s Line for Europe

Giscard’s Government To Dismantle French Industry

Terror Erupts at Lincoln Detox

West German Election Fraud Attempt To Stop ELC

Trudeau Pushes Trilateral Line in Europe

Tanaka Watergating Escalates

La Presse Plays Up Ford Destruction, Coming Shortages

Kreisky And Leber Plan Second Occupation of Europe

Salera on Ballot in Philadelphia; Barrett Office Freaks Out

SPD Routed In State Elections

October 28

Agricultural Report: FAO To Push Fascist Master Plan at World Food Conference

Agricultural Report: Farm Organizations Implicated in Drive To Reduce Meat Consumption

Agricultural Report: Let Them Eat Wood Chips

Agricultural Report: Japanese Farmers Slated For Extinction

Agricultural Report: Cotton And Wool Farmers Bankrupted in World Textile Collapse

October 27

Arafat Joins Press Build-Up for Mideast Nuclear War

Special Report: Britain Adopts “Acceptable Face of Fascism”

“Heads They Win ... Tails We Lose”