Volume 1, Number 29, November 3, 1974


November 3

Israel Has Nuclear Capability Against Soviet Union

Dutch Special Forces Use Advanced NATO Technology

PCI’s Cossutta Pushes Bellagio Military Line

PCI Party Ranks Prepared for “Progressive Coup”

Rockefeller Banks Plan To Detonate European Economies

Montreal Firefighters Strike Used To Provoke Public Hysteria

Trist in Trouble

Agents Promote “New World Order” for Rockefeller

Britain: Press Fans Red Scare To Blame Miners for Energy Hoax

November 2

IMF Conference Admits Communist-Affiliated Unions, Plans for Co-Participation

Franco-Soviet Anniversary Occasions Suicidal Soviet Euphoria

Algerian “Socialism”: CIA Plans the Economy

Poland Awards Krupp Chairman Beitz for “Humanistic” Attitudes

German CP Issues “Wanted Poster” in Mild Attack on Nazi Murderer

Agricultural Report: U.S. Labor Party Launches Farm-Belt Organizing Drive

Agricultural Report: Socialists To Intervene in World Food Conference

Agricultural Report: State Department Moves on Butz

Australia Plays Key Organizing Role for Food Bank

Agricultural Report: Peru Pushes “Work For Food” Slave Labor

Agricultural Report: British Cattle Starve

Agricultural Report: North American Press Psywar Scapegoats Farmers

Boston Herald-American Supports Crash Program To Develop Fusion Power

West German Generals Meet To Protect NATO Flanks from Working Class

November 1

Neo-Fascist Strauss Invites SPD To Join Him In Coalition

FEA Official Confirms Trist’s Role with UMW and Strike

Southern Africa: Rockefeller Promotes Black-White Detente for Slave Labor

Ottawa Parliament Gets Its Foreign Policy from Trilateral Agents

October 31

Is France Becoming Algeria’s First Colony?

Sawhill’s Policy Remains Under New FEA Head

Virginia Union Bureaucrats Draft Last Minute Candidate against Labor Party

Mideast Situation May Be Building To U.S.-U.S.S.R. Confrontation

IG Metall Contract Sets Stage for Austerity in West Germany

Strike Wave in France Slated for Defeat

Marin Commission Plans LEAA Police Reorganization for Canada


Christina Nelson Campaign Poster

Helmut the 8th

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Shah!

Helmut Schmidt in Otto von Bismarck’s Clothes