Volume 1, Number 30, November 6, 1974


November 6

US Labor Party Statement on the Elections

Arms Sold to French Immigrants

Libya-Based Terrorist Net Surfaces

Der Spiegel Editor Endorses Neo-Nazi Strauss

Israel Steps Up War Pace as CIA Escalates Guerrilla Activity

Working Class Electoral Victory: Labor Party Emerges as Mass-Based Movement

Agricultural Report: Food Export Bans Dictated at Rome

Agricultural Report: Soviets Blamed for Sugar Hoax As Shah Hoards

Agricultural Report: There Is No Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Report: Rockefeller Agents at Rome World Food Conference Order Police Attack on Labor Committee; Woodcock in US Calls For Food Embargo On Europe

Agricultural Report: Butz Capitulates to Rockefeller’s Food Control

Agricultural Report: Forrester’s Nazi “Science” Spreads through Academia

Agricultural Report: Labor Party Exposes Anti-Coop Move

November 5

Schlesinger Discusses Limited Nuclear War in West Germany

Canada’s Trilateral Labor Representative

Canadian Labour Federation Calls for Participation in Recycling

Federal Government in Fiscal Crisis

Military Expert Says Israelis Have Nuclear Weapons

Trilateral Agent Leads “Grass Roots” Drive for Slave Labor

Strauss Ready To Form Coalition with Schmidt

UMW Strike: Press Builds Tension As UAW Agent Prepares Strike Support

PCI Lauds Small Businesses and the “Education” They Provide

Science Fiction Writer Pushes Fascist Solution

November 4

Senator Fulbright Details Rockefeller’s Fourth Reich

Strauss Calls for European NATO Against Soviets

Villa Serbelloni: Rockefeller’s Full-Time Spook House

UAW Pulls Leading Goons from Detroit Plant for Brainwashing Retread

SED Hardliners Mount Counteroffensive against Polycentrism Adopted at Warsaw

PCI’s Amendola Pushes CIA Line; ELC Campaigns To Expel Him

UN Report: How Rumors Make News

Top CIA Agents Lure Soviets into Barbarossa Trap