Volume 1, Number 31, November 10, 1974


November 10

Round Two of the Great Oil Hoax in the Works

French ‘Scandals’ Dress Up Gicard’s NATO Dragon Slayer Masquerade

Where Is Gerry?

Agricultural Report: Dumont Calls for American Workers to Sacrifice

Agricultural Report: CIA Agent Dumont Peddles Rockefeller Food Line in Rome

Agricultural Report: “Export” of Canadian Farmers to Third World Urged

November 9

Fusion Energy Foundation Forms

Special Report: The Takeover of French Industry by Rockefeller and His Arab Allies

Kissinger Stops in Africa; Counterinsurgency Heightens in Angola

Cannibal Sokolov Proposes “Rice Ritual” for the Starving

November 8

Schlesinger Pours Arms into Israel

US Announces Pro-Liberation Position in South Africa

Bourgeois Press Uses Soviet Parade Cancellation in Psywar

East German Radio Warns of Nuclear War in Mideast

PCF’s Seguy Cowed To Surrender By Chirac’s Tough Line

IPS Special Election Report

Labor Party Vote Tops 300,000, Mass-Based Workers’ Party Emerges Despite Unprecedented Election Fraud

Preliminary Official US Labor Party Election Returns and Projections of the Actual Vote in 1974 Races

Labor Party Mounts National Legal Attack on Fraud

Ogden Sweeps Richmond Ghetto

US Labor Party Turnout Breaks European Demoralization

November 7

UMW Leadership Assists Government in Planning Militarization for Upcoming Strike

Black Lakes Alcoholism Conference Excludes IPS Reporters

Michigan Martial Law Model Enacted in 14 States

West Germany Pushes Its Workers to Saudi Arabia

Moscow Extends Welcome to the CIA’s Shah

SED Continues Internal CP Resistance to Polycentrism

Nationalist CP Faction Attacked in Pravda

Italian Press Pushes Reorganization of Army Amid Rumors of Coup

Rockefeller’s Tacit Support Worsens Effects of The French Fuel Retailers’ Strike

Schlesinger and Leber Plan “Tactical Nuclear Exchange” Against Soviets

West German President Calls for End of Advanced Sector

Amendola Shifts PCI Policy Toward a “United Left” to Implement Fascist Programs

Ecuador Protests Rockefeller Conflict Of Interests in Exxon Concession

Cartoon: Brainwasher Trist Sets Up The November Offensive

Cartoon: The Communist Parties Support Each Other’s “National Road to Socialism”

Cartoon: Crisis de Liquidez