Volume 1, Number 32, November 13, 1974


November 13

Rockefeller To Head Up Fascist Productivity Body

SPD Leader Announces That Coalition With Strauss May Be Necessary

Canada Embargos Wheat, Sets Up Food Bank

AP Blacks Out Richmond, Boston Labor Party Vote

November 12

Rockefeller Rigs OPEC Anti-Imperialism

Defferre Announces End to “Unity Of The Left” Coalition

How NBC Turns Its Views into News

UAW Goons Attack Labor Party in Woodhaven, Michigan; Police Refuse To Accept Charges

The Shah Joins the Anti-Imperialist Camp

CIA’s Coal Strike Brings Widespread Layoffs in Steel, Rail

Chase Manhattan Plots Overthrow of Indian Government

Israeli Army on Green Alert

Jordanian Government Increasing Threat of War

Tito Warns of Pre-Emptive Israeli Strike

US Navy Augments Mideast Forces

West German Media Links ELC to Rightists, Terrorists

Brzezinski To Discuss NCLC with Journalist

Mondale’s Detente Speech Dictated by CIA Agent Brzezinski

November 11

Hussein Pushed Back from West Bank in Move To Panic Israelis

Red Scare, Terrorism Campaign Escalates in West Germany

Israel Put On War Footing; Pound Devalued 42 Percent

Hungary Submits to Capitalist Penetration

Governors To Meet Illegally To Plan Energy Crisis Contingencies

AFL-CIO Hobby’s Goon Convicted in North Carolina Court

Labor Party Gains 10 To 20 Percent of Vote Among San Francisco Workers

PSI Leader Announces Labor-Intensive “Development” Projects

PSI’s Mancini Backs Trilateral Commission Policy

UAW Bureaucrats Demand Short Weeks as “Answer” to Layoffs

ELC Declared ‘Incompatible’ by German Social Democracy

Starvation Planners Demand Soviet Capitulation at Food Conference

Special Military Report

An Analysis of the 1973 October War in the Mideast