Volume 1, Number 33, November 17, 1974


November 17

Brandt to Push Pro-Rockefeller Line on Breakup of EEC

Death of Two Saudi Arabian Officials Adds Confusion To Sheikhdoms

Special Report

The Coming Mideast War: An Appraisal

November 16

West Germans Push for Economic Realpolitik in East Germany

Poland Backs the CIA’s Shah

French Government Escalates “Red Scare” Campaign

Trilateral Commission Sovietologist Lays Mideast Blame on Soviets

D’Ornano Given Powers of Fuehrer over French Economy

CIA Press Conduits Build for Mideast War

Agricultural Report

Special Feature: Rockefeller Murders 20 Million in India, Bengal

ICLC Indicts World Food Conference, Demands Emergency Measures

Rockefeller Cannibals Conclude Final Solution Lobbying Effort

Crop Failure In Tanzania Estimated At 80 Percent

EEC Moves to Create Grain Hoard; Livestock Production Sacrificed for Rockefeller’s World Food Control Scheme

Food Conference Officials Eject IPS for “Spreading News” and “Subversive” Information

Food Production Doesn’t Pay, Bankers Admit

Local Media Drums CIA Line on Sugar; Professional Agents Organize Boycott

NFU Leads Canadian Livestock Producers Down Blind Alley

November 15

Leading West German Journalist and NATO Specialist Lays Out Political Line

CIA Press Organs Link Terrorists to ICLC

Arab Petrodollars to Finance Canadian Housing

How Votes Are Stolen: CIA “Machine Politics”

Officials Admit Voting Machines Easily Fixed

Australia Gears Up for Rockefeller Slave Labor Projects

November 14

Egyptian Embassy in Bonn Confirms Egypt’s Nuclear Capability

Strauss Revives Nazi Movement in West Germany

North Carolina IUD Blocks Labor Party Penetration

Hong Kong “Williamsburg Conference” Plans Asian Slave Labor

November 13

UN Report: Arafat Fans War Hysteria

PLO Spokesman: PLO “Ready” To Receive US Arms

Canada’s National Defense College Holds Informal Policy Meeting With Soviets

OAS Refuses To Lift Sanctions Against Cuba; Rocky’s Message to Castro: Crawl Lower

Rent-A-Slave Relocation Schemes Grind North American Workers