Volume 1, Number 34, November 20, 1974


November 20

PCI’s Amendola Confirms He Is a CIA Agent

Mideast War To Cause New Oil Embargo, Officials Say

CIA-Induced Hysteria Mounts in Israel

Arab Regimes Mobilize for War

Banks Force Dairylea Milk Coop Collapse

Rockefeller’s IEA To Bypass Congress in Oil Emergencies

Danish CP Leader Retails Anti-ELC Slanders

Mass Strike Ferment Grows in France; Giscard No Longer Useful to Rockefeller

November 19

Rockefeller Banks Food Supplies, Starves India

D’Ornano Concludes French Deal with Shah

Rockefeller Fires Chase Vice President After IPS Exposé

West German Police Raid Home of Communist Youth Leader

Resignation of Indian Minister Marks Decline in Soviet Influence

East German Food Conference Delegate Scores Capitalist

Who Is Incompatible? ELC Polls West German Workers

UN Report: West Germans Inflame Mideast War Hysteria

Brandt Calls for Corporativist “European Crisis Management”

Israeli Labor Federation Demands Wage Cuts

Italian Workers Respond Enthusiastically to Anti-Amendola Drive

Canadian Workers Spurn Rockefellers Nationalist Propaganda

Chrysler Plans Extended Thanksgiving Vacations

November 18

Tito Meets with East German Communists

Kissinger Speech on Energy Provokes French Fears

D’Ornano Bartering with Shah for French Telephone Contract

North American Labor Party Polls 14 Percent of Vancouver Vote, Expands Mass Working Class Machine

Australian “Reforms” Prepare for Increased Slave-Labor Projects

Starvation Psywar Hits West Germany

Saxbe Covers for FBI Post-Election Harassment of Labor Party

Labor Party Demands Congressional Probe of Vote Fraud

Club of Rome Member Proposes Recycling Human Hair

IMF To Control World Trade for Rockefeller

Pentagon Alleges Soviet Treaty Violations

New DOL Project to Test Slave Labor Apparatus

Jackson Meets with NATO Agent Rumsfeld

Will Chrysler Be Shipped to Iran?