Volume 1, Number 35, November 24, 1974


November 24

CIA-PLO Attempts to Blame Hijack on Iraqis

IPS Interview With Herman Kahn: Would You Buy a Used Future from This Man?

Fascist Jobert Calls for Social Contract

Agricultural Report

Labor Party To Intervene in NFO Conference

Farm Income Continues Drastic Decline

Oxfam Brings Rockefeller’s Food Control to Campuses

Dairylea Farmers in Suicidal Frenzy

Sabotage of Shipping Continues Food Bank Buildup

No Cream on the Christmas Pudding?

November 23

Mexican “Headaches” Lead To Seal and Search Operations

Deindustrialization Underway: 200,000 Layoffs Expected This Week

Arab Hijack Aids CIA Propaganda

Brookings Holds “Working Session” for Europeans on World Inflation

Moro Endorses Kissinger Energy Plan

Andreotti Endorses European-Wide Corporativism

November 22

UN Report: PLO Given Observer Status; War Provocations Stepped Up

Red Scare Propaganda Heightens Mideast War Atmosphere

Senator Jackson To Hold Hearings on IEA

UAW Sues Labor Party; Claims Party Blocks Rocky’s Slave Labor

Jobert Endorses Rockefeller’s Energy Program

Italian Communists Briefed by Rockefeller Agent Brzezinski

“Atlantic Bridge” Plots Oil Hoax, US-Soviet Confrontation

November 21

IPS Exclusive: Strauss Carries Himmler Torch

Worker Exposes UAW-Buick Brainwashing Operation

Marcus To Testify Against Rockefeller at House Hearings

Rockefeller Confirms NCLC Senate Testimony

Progressive Fascists Win Greek Elections

Moro/La Malfa Form Transitional Fascist Government in Italy

Japanese Join “Independent” French Oil Farce

The Meaning of Revaluation: Schmidt Enforces Kissinger Austerity

Oil Hoax Planners Confer on Austerity


Strike Wave Worries Both French CP and Giscard

UAW Covers Up for Chrysler

Think-Tanks Plan Machinery To Engineer Materials Shortages

PCI Forms Front with Trilateral Commission/CIA

Italian Kidnapping Scare Pretext for Police Repression

Soviets Accept Shah’s Slanders on Iraq

West German Burial Recalls Nazi Gatherings

UN Report: Mexican Minister Says Echeverria’s Program Is Austerity