Volume 1, Number 38, December 8, 1974


December 8

Peccei Takes Cannibalism to Africa

Poniatowski Provokes Riots in Southern France

Agricultural Report

NFO Calls for Moratorium on Agricultural Debt

Milk Drivers Strike Used to Bust Union, Prepare Population for Food Rationing

Farm Advocate Rep Proposes Low-Key Famine Relief Act

Report of “Bootlegging” Fertilizer Heightens US-Canada Border Tensions

Italian Government Pushes “Eat Less” Campaign

Ontario National Farmers’ Union Leaders Protest Land Tenure Policy

Military Mobilized for Harvest in European Flooding

Farmers Home Administration Halts Disaster Loans

NFO Debt Moratorium

British Agriculture Report Warns of Cattle Starvation

Cattle Ranchers Face Bankruptcy

Rocky’s Sugar Swindle Wipes Out Small-Fry Speculators

December 7

Rockefeller Guts Congress

Rockefeller’s Recycled Gaullism in the Middle East

Brezhnev Subjected to Psychological Warfare in France

Trilateral Commission To Form New Japan Government

Italian Weekly Panorama Libels ELC

December 6

Telephone Bomb Threat to Labor Committees Linked to CIA Gusano Terrorists

CPUSA: Angela’s CIA Links “Could Damage The Movement”

Jackson Aide Denies State Department Responsibility for Jackson’s IEA Amendment

UN Report: U.S. Attack On Changed UN Is Aimed at Soviets

New Percy Productivity Bill Modeled on Rocky’s Corporativist Jamestown, NY Project

Griffiths Proposes Income-Maintenance Slave-Labor Bill

CIA Escalates South American War Drive

Rocky Forces Gold Down To Sucker Soviets

Standard Oil Sabotages Soviet Fertilizer: “It’s Not Occidental”

“They’ve Put a Net over Wilbur Mills”

House Committee Investigator Explains PCI’s Anti-Communism

December 5

IPS Interview: Josef Kaskell Backs Rocky for Dictator

Israel: Speculation, Black Market Flourish

U.S. Iron Ore Mining Expands To Feed Canadian Mills

UAW Collaborates in Menticide and Destruction of Union Grievance Procedure

Canadian Debate on Military Takes Red-Scare Turn

Britain’s Labour Party Left a Repeat of Moseley

Unemployed Canadians Are Directed to Slave-Labor Projects in Alberta

Oil Man Says Shale Production Waiting on Higher Prices, Government Subsidies

Mexico Daily Cites U.S. Labor Party Election Vote for Left Cover

PSI Economist Says Trilateral Commission Merely a Cultural Society

California Rep Introduces Own Fusion Energy Bill to Congress


David Gets Relocation Lessons from the Master Schacht

Workers Take Care of Their “Alcoholism” Problem

I Like Lockheed