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Volume 1, Number 39, December 12, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 39, December 12, 1974

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Brief on Rockefeller’s War in the Pacific Strategy

Brief to Congress on the International Energy Agency

December 12

Latin American Labor Committee Member Kidnapped in Mexico City

Italian Trade Unions Move Toward Self-Destruction

British Government Imposes Energy Cuts

IPS Uncovers Trilateral Meeting-Celebration

Trilateral Sets Up Ford on Economy, Rams Through Slave Labor

CIA Revives Busing Issue To Divide Working Class

Marchais Veers to the Left; Mitterrand Out in the Cold

CPs Now Preparing Faction Fight Against Amendola

December 11

New York City Budget Cuts: Test Case for Rockefeller

Dairy Shakedown Escalates; Teamsters Scapegoated

Press Builds Attacks on Pro-Iraq Palestinians

Depression Housing: Shantytowns

Strage But True

Canadian Oil Cuts To U.S. Ordered by IEA

Press, Bankers Geek Out Over NFO Moratorium

German CIA Terrorists Threaten To Bomb ELC

CIA Press Attacks Labor Committees

Pound Smashed By Oil Companies; Dollar Set To Recover

December 10

Trilateral’s Economic Psywar Against Soviets Out in Open

Operative Spills Beans: War of Pacific Is a Hoax

Communist Party Hardline Hits Amendola

Japan’s Miki Announces Trilateral Cabinet

Rocky’s OPEC Puppets To Call for Energy Cutbacks, Oil Indexing

December 9

Rockefeller Unnerves Swiss Bankers

David Defends Genocide

United Auto Workers Lawyer Tells All

The News the Wall Street Journal Can’t Print

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