Volume 1, Number 40, December 15, 1974


December 15

Percent NYC Wage Cut Model for Cities

Shah Leads Attack Against Iraq

Bourgeois Press Freaks Out at European CPs’ Turn to the Left

Iraq’s Defense: Integration into Comecon and Warsaw Pact

Chirac Takes Power in Gaullist Party

Excerpts from the Police Interrogation of LALC Leader De Hoyos

Echeverria Plots One-Man Rule

European Communist Parties Take Left Turn; Amendola’s Days Numbered

Buckley’s CIA Ties to Echeverria Under Investigation

Agricultural Report

Protein Consumption Cut Back Through Behavior Modification

Usury Made Legal

NFO Bureaucrats Threaten USLP Collaborators

Labor Party Organizers Refocus Farm Bureau Conference

December 14

Yasser Brushes Up Left Cover; Aims Attacks on Iraq

Productivity Commission Plans Industry-Wide Brainwashing

Burma Declares Martial Law

Angela Davis Back to Britain; CP Backs Slave Labor

ICLC Organizing Forces Echeverria To Release Labor Committee Leader in Mexico City

New Arms Push Ensures Inflation

Auto Unemployment in North America

December 13

House Judiciary Backs Rocky

West German Cabinet Votes in Labor Recycling, Wage Gouging

Roosa Says Soviets Are On Economic Hook

Bank of America Officials Fear Rockefeller Takeover

IRA Succumbs to MI5 Confusion Campaign

Slave Labor Bills Pushed Through To Hire Municipal Workers

SPD Protects Nazi Strauss

Is Naval Hospital Brainwashing Mills?

Woodcock Pleads Guilty, Demands Cartelization

Smith’s Surrender Opens Way for Rockefeller Reorganization in Southern Africa

Confirm IEA Control of Canadian Energy Policy


Santa Claus Is Dead

Nelson's Celebration