Volume 1, Number 41, December 19, 1974


December 19

Uncover CIA Chess Moves

Egyptian Minister Fahmi Moves toward Soviet Union

Petrodollars May Head for South Africa

Bankers Trust Urges U.S. To Send Marines to Iran

Rockefeller Crowned; Ford Watergated

Jackson Blusters as Soviets Hit U.S. Trade Bill

December 18

Political Economy: Swiss Nazi Bankers Undermine Rocky

World Slave Labor Stalls

PCI Beefs Up CIA’s Mideast Fracas

Special Report: Rockefeller Gears Up War Spending; Radical Right Rears Its Head

Brookings’ Bergsten Forms Nuclear Cartel

Palme Preparing a “Total Defense”?

Slave Labor Bill Awaiting Ford’s Approval

Right-Wing West German Press Introduces Trilateral Commission

December 17

Pre-Xmas Panic as Rocky Dumps Retailers

Romanian CP Pushes Polycentrism

Trilateral’s Brzezinski Calls for U.S. War Cabinet, Rockefeller Dictatorship

Giscard, Ford Reach Accord

Coffee Cartel Plans Withholding

European Right-Wing Press Shrieks at CP Left Turn

Hudson Says Brookings Out; Hudson To Run The World Now

Canadian Workers and Technology To Be Shipped to Iran

December 16

German Neo-Fascist Strauss Trumpets for Right-Wing Allies

Chase Admits Workers’ Opposition Blocks Energy Strategy

Restructuring the Steel Industry: Rocky’s Choice -- Layoff or Labor Pool

N.Y. Bureaucrats Help Employers Put Sick To Work

CIA Activates Right Against Labor Party Organizers

British Fascist-In-Training Calls for Labor Relocation, Productivity Hikes

British Capitalists Call for Wage Freeze

Special Forces Stage Special Farce


Rockefeller in Government