Volume 1, Number 42, December 22, 1974


December 22

Brzezinski Confirms That Trilateral Controls PCI Amendola Faction

CIA Escalates Counter-Terrorist Force in Israel

CIA Journalist Announces Massive CIA Domestic Operations

Ford Retires, Hands Rocky Government

Vorster and Kaunda Prepare Way for Rockefeller “Redevelopment” in South Africa

Railroads Plead Bankruptcy, Can’t Pay Workers

UAW “Explains” Suit; Incites Workers vs. USLP

Defense Production Act To Be Reactivated on Alaska Pipeline

CIA Reactivates Fascist Terrorists in Italy; IRA Bombs Heath Residence

Ethiopia: CIA Gets “Socialism” Underway

Agricultural Report

Farm Credit Squeeze Guts Production

Dairy Farmers Clash with Citizen Action Groups

Farmers To Lose Control of Canadian Agricultural Marketing Boards

Farm Credit System in Trouble

NFO Head Moves To Destroy His Organization

December 21

East Germans Send Politburo Member to Portugal; CIA Steps Up Attack There

House Vote on Rocky Shows Labor Party Influence

Mideast War Escalation To Force U.S.-Soviet Joint Mideast Planning

Egyptian and Syrian Armies on Alert To Back Lebanon

West German Press and Media Cover Opening of ELC Conference

Factional Warfare Continues at Budapest Conference of European CPs

Iraq Strengthens Mideast Position

Production Collapsing; Ten Million Layoffs Estimated by March

How Far Can You Go?

CIA’s Shah Pleads Arab Loyalty

Will Chile Declare a Debt Moratorium?

Job Trek to Iran Studied over Past Year in Britain

Shah’s Crisis Threat Fizzles

December 20

Loderer May Be Implicated in Mexican Kidnap

Marchais Speech Emphasizes Left Turn, Hits Mitterrand

PCI Faction Fight Builds Against Amendola

West German Right-Wing Moves on Schmidt



Rockefeller, Fang Choose President and Vice-Presidents