Volume 1, Number 43, December 26, 1974


December 26

Shah Keeps France from Collapse

Mass Layoffs Hit in France, Worst To Come

Davis Appointment Signals Increased CIA Activity in South Africa

Murder Attempt Against Seattle LC Members

Trilateral Trying To Subvert CP Left Turn Faction Fight

Psywar Enforces Ford’s Retirement

Development Projects Stalled; “Workers Won’t Move”

CPUSA Asks CIA To Contemplate Self

Chemical, Machine Tool Collapse Spells 20 Percent Unemployment

US Auto Workers Reject “Swedish Way” to Speedup

West German CP at Crossroads: Rocky or Workers?

December 25

British Bombings Spark Leftist Repression

Major Disease Outbreak Possible in Africa

Markovic Affair Dredged Up To Watergate Hardline Gaullists

Agricultural Report

Imminent Bankruptcies Threaten Food Supply

December 24

Petrodollars Cause Chaos on Foreign Exchange Markets

Bankers’ Nightmare: Boom or Bust

Rockefeller Faces “Critical Choices” on Economy

Next President of Mexico “Unveiled”

European Conference Plans Transatlantic Conference

Soviet Union Mobilizes for 1975 Plan

Renewed Mideast Warscare To Outfox Soviets

Schmidt Claims To Outdo Strauss in Preventing Revolution

South Koreans Cautious on Debt Moratorium Option

Investment Slowed in North Sea Slave-Labor Projects

“Progressive” General To Head Italian Defense

CIA Plans International Terror Campaign by Uruguayan Right-Wing Terrorists

Press Opens Option for Oil Strike Hoax

December 23

Schmidt Backs Trilateral Mideast Line

Healey Announces Phase II of Social Contract

Club of Rome Cannibal Backs Echeverria

Badillo Demands CETA Recycle Municipal Workers

Sanitation Head Suggests Layoff Strategy

Council on Foreign Relations Member Confirms Trilateral Mideast Strategy for USSR


Rockefeller: I Win